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Discover the Château Baby

A great wine, it’s the combination of the terroir, the work, and the human.


The history of Château Baby

On a rocky promontory, Château Baby reveals a remarkable view over the Dordogne valley. The vineyards on the slopes, composed of clay, limestone, silt and pink gravel, produce powerful, concentrated and delicate wines.

Château Baby is located in the commune of Saint-André-et-Appelles, built in 1799 by the union of the parishes of Appelles and Saint-André des Cabeauzes. It is said that King Henry IV stayed there.

The Château Baby was finished by Mr Jauge in 1874. Originally a rather simple dwelling, Mr Jauge had two additional large pavilions and a dovecote built to give the property a masterly appearance. In 1890, Dieudonné de Brugière, then a Republican General Councillor in Sainte Foy La Grande, acquired it.

For more than a century, Château Baby has been making powerful, concentrated, yet fine and delicate wines. Its terroir, mainly composed of pink gravel, allows it to produce wines of a very high quality, and Château Baby has won numerous awards over the years.

The vineyard

Surface area: 21.6479 hectares.
Planting density:
4 500 vines/ha.
Grape variety: Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon.
Simple and double Guyot pruning, debudding and leaf stripping. 
Supervised growing

Appellations : 

Bordeaux (Red)
Bordeaux Supérieur (Red)
Sainte-Foy Côtes de Bordeaux (Red)

The terroir

A parcel of red Graves well exposed goes on the hillside, amplifying the action of the sun and the quality of the ripening process. 

Clay-gravel soil.

Located on the hillsides overhanging the Dordogne river, one quarter of the vineyard is more than 50 years old, guarantor of a qualitative production. The parcels profits advantageous geographic characteristics.

The vineyard is composed of nobles grape varieties of Bordeaux: Merlot (55%) Cabernet Franc (25%), Cabernet Sauvignon (20%).

Each parcel benefits from a work realized in the respect of the specificity of the terroir. A rigorous pruning is made following the parcel’s typicality. The meticulous growing of the vines is supervised with control for the treatments, the fertilizers, the cultural ways, etc.

Everything is done to bring the grape to its optimal maturity until the harvest done by parcel selection.

Each step of the winemaking is a subtle melting between the traditional method of Bordeaux and the new technologies.

Here again, the rationale and the control is important, for the respect of the fruit, the expression of the vintage and the excellence of the produced wine. 

The wines of the Château Baby

Château Baby
33220 Saint-André-et-Appelles
+33 (0)5 57 33 09 68
Technical Manager: Bertrand PERDIGAL
Geographic location: South-East of Bordeaux vineyard