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Discover the Château Grand Jour

A great wine, it’s the combination of the terroir, the work, and the human.


The history of Château Grand-Jour

The elegant Château Grand Jour was built in 1763 on the foundations of an old residence dating from the reign of Louis XIV. This sumptuous building, characteristic of the great wine châteaux of the time, belonged to the Lavergne, Mirande de Peyredoulle and Lachassaigne families.

In 1830, the son of the great aristocrats Jean Castanet and Marie Marcès inherited a large fortune and a lot of land.

Following disagreements between the Lavergne, Peyredoulle and Lachassaigne families, who were co-owners of the castle surrounded by about 60 hectares, it was sold to Pierre Castanet. It remained in this influential Bourgeais family for many decades.

Subsequently, Pierre Castanet carried out major repairs and extensions to the château and vineyard. With the help of the famous oak barrel maker Alphonse Gaignerot, the final construction work and equipment of the château was completed. By enlarging the vineyard, Pierre Castanet gave more vitality to Château Grand Jour.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the château attracted many artists thanks to its unique and majestic architecture.

Many famous films in French cinema were shot here, starting in 1981 with Jacques Doniol-Valcroze’s TV film “Les fiancées de l’Empire” and then “Les filles du Maître de Chai” in 1996 with Sophie De La Rochefoucauld. It was the location for the TV film “La bicyclette bleue” with Laetitia Casta in 2000 and the saga “La Maison des Rocheville” in 2010.

Clay-limestone soil, boulbène on molasses down the hillsides. 

The vineyard

Surface area: 71,9637 hectares
Planting density  : 5000 vines/ha.
Grape variety: 90% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.
Double Guyot pruning, debudding and leaf stripping.
Sustainable growing

Appellations : 

Bordeaux (Red)
Côtes de bourg (Red)

The terroir

Château Grand Jour is located on the sunbathed hillsides of the Dordogne Valley. The castle stands up majestically at the East of Bourg area, on one of the most beautiful viticultural sites of Bordeaux region.

The typicality and the richness of our wines come naturally from the diversity of our terroir and from the desire of the climate.

At Château Grand Jour, we produce modern wines with a unique personality which win in elegance and delicacy over time. 

The system of vine cultivation is traditional, with a planting density of 5 000 vines per hectare, so a row spacing of 2 meters and 1 meter between the vines.

The trellis system is made with wires that allows the mechanization of most of the works.

The vines are pruned in double Guyot method during winter. This operation requires all our attention because it influences grapes quality and yields.

In spring and summer, our team is working on what we call the green pruning: debudding, moving up, pruning and leaf stripping. 

The mechanical harvesting is performed from mid-September to mid-October depending of the maturity of the parcels.

To reveal the most beautiful expression of the fruit, the winemaking is carried out in a thermo-regulated tank, favoring an optimum control of the temperatures and smooth extractions.

After a manual sorting, the grapes are vinified and aged separately with the same care.

Wines of Château Grand Jour

87 avenue des Côtes de Bourg
33710 Prignac-et-Marcamps
+33 (0)5 57 33 09 68
Technical Manager : Yannick BRUN
Geographic location: North of Bordeaux vineyard