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Lamont house, exceptional vineyards

A great wine is the encounter between a terroir, work and Man.

Quality, tradition and sharing

Great wines of Bordeaux

By respecting traditions and investing in quality, Vignobles Lamont produces wines that express the quintessence of their terroirs in several estates in the Bordeaux vineyards. Since 2012, this work of the vine and the wine presents in nine appellations, with a wide range of red, white and sweet white wines.

Quality, tradition and sharing are our values.

Concerned about preserving the environment we have inherited so that we can pass it on to future generations, we look after our vines with integrated cultivation methods and rigorous waste water treatment.

We are involved in several environmental certification processes.
Our efforts have been rewarded with HVE level 3 certification (High Environmental Value) for Châteaux L’Enclos, Grand Jour, Hauterive and d’Argan. This encourages us to continue along this path for our other estates.

Our philosophy is to use a minimum of treatments for healthier grapes and a minimum of interventions to respect the full expression of the terroirs.


Exceptional vineyards…

Lamont is committed to a sustainable culture in its six exceptional châteaux where know-how is the key word…

We bring our passion to our wines for the terroir, all our know-how enriched by our experience. The authenticity of our products reveals this love for our vineyards and our profession. Our respect for tradition is measured by the quality of our wines.

Quality, tradition & sharing