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Lamont house, exceptional vineyards

A great wine is the encounter between a terroir, work and Man.

Quality, tradition and sharing

Great wines of Bordeaux

Welcome to Lamont Vineyards! Join us in the heart of Lamont Vineyards, where every day is a celebration of coexistence. Imagine the vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see, bearing witness to the diversity and richness of the exceptional terroirs of nine appellations in the Bordeaux Vineyard. Here, teams from France and Asia work hand in hand, uniting their expertise and cultures. Together, they create an exquisite symphony of flavors and traditions, in a spirit marked by respect and openness.

We have much more than just vineyards in these estates. Commitment is deeply rooted in the soul of Lamont Vineyards. The teams are passionate stewards of the land that has seen them grow alongside the vines. Their dedication is unwavering in preserving this precious terroir by adopting environmentally friendly practices. Every action is imbued with responsibility because they know that their commitment from the vine to the bottle is directly reflected in the quality of their wines. Furthermore, Lamont Vineyards deeply care about the well-being and fulfillment of their employees, as they firmly believe that excellence can only be achieved with a united and flourishing team.

Despite their overseas legacies and successes, Lamont Vineyards maintain a sincere humility. They consider themselves artisans, always in pursuit of improvement. They are open to new ideas, aware that adaptation and evolution are the keys to their success. The Lamont house is proud of its authenticity and its closeness to those who appreciate their wines.

Lamont Vineyards are not just a wine group but a place where coexistence, commitment, and humility harmoniously blend to create a unique experience. Their wines are the result of an exceptional alchemy between these values and the passion that drives each member of their team. Lamont Vineyards warmly invite you to join them, to discover the history behind each bottle, each estate, and to celebrate the splendor of coexistence, commitment, and humility.


Exceptional vineyards…

Lamont is committed to a sustainable culture in its six exceptional châteaux where know-how is the key word…

We bring our passion to our wines for the terroir, all our know-how enriched by our experience. The authenticity of our products reveals this love for our vineyards and our profession. Our respect for tradition is measured by the quality of our wines.

Quality, tradition & sharing