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Exciting new step in our winemaking journey!

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Last July, Vignobles Lamont added a special touch to the summer season by conducting a bottling before the holidays and upcoming harvest. Allow us to guide you through this crucial stage of the process.

Imagine bottling as the final touch of a winemaking masterpiece. After nurturing our grapes, harvesting, pressing, and fermenting them with all our love, it’s time to escort them to their new home: the bottles.

1️⃣ Preparation: It all begins with meticulous cleaning and sterilization of the bottles. An essential step to ensure that every drop of our precious nectar finds its vessel. Hygiene is our mantra!

2️⃣ Filling: With infinite delicacy, the wine departs from the tanks to nestle into each bottle. This is where it takes its final breath before shining under the spotlight.

3️⃣ Corking: To preserve this treasure, a cork stopper is carefully inserted into the neck. A touch of magic to seal in the flavor!

4️⃣ Labeling: Each bottle receives its personalized identity: wine name, vintage, fun anecdotes, and sometimes captivating stories from our vineyard.

5️⃣ Packaging: Dressed in custom boxes, our bottles travel securely to our glasses. Bumps, beware, they’re not fond of that!

6️⃣ Ready to savor! After patiently waiting in their sanctuary, our wines are finally ready to be enjoyed. Their rich and complex flavors promise an unforgettable tasting experience.

And there you have it, the journey from vine to bottle in a few captivating steps. Each sip is a testament to the meticulous and passionate work behind our creations!

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