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Explore the wonders of Chenu-Lamont Castle !

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A magical place that brings your special moments to life!

In search of an enchanting setting to breathe life into those moments that will leave an eternal mark? Look no further. The doors of Chenu-Lamont Castle open before you, ready to host events that will leave a lasting impression.

Why choose Chenu-Lamont Castle?

✨ An Excellent Setting: Nestled in the heart of nature, our castle offers you a backdrop reminiscent of fairy tales.

✨ Versatile Spaces: From the splendid hall to the lush gardens, we have ideal spaces to accommodate weddings, birthdays, conferences, and much more.

✨ Guided Support: Our dedicated team guides you from planning to execution, ensuring your event comes to life just as you envisioned it.

✨ Immersion in History and Charm: Immerse yourself in stories of the past while enjoying modern comfort. Your guests will be captivated by this blend of tradition and modernity.

Whether you’re envisioning a fairy-tale wedding, a impactful corporate gathering, or any other celebration, Chenu-Lamont Castle guarantees you a unique experience.

Don’t hesitate to contact us now to reserve the date that suits you. Allow us to shape your vision, and together, let’s create unforgettable moments at Chenu-Lamont Castle!