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Let’s give a second life to our barrels !

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These barrels have been wonderfully transformed, offering a second life full of possibilities. In addition to being used as planters, they can serve as side tables, garden fountains, swings, or even outdoor furniture.

Unleash your creativity to personalize them according to your desires. We are delighted to present to you the brand new decorations created by Jean-Marc, the Master Cooper at Château Grand Jour. His boundless imagination has inspired him to metamorphose these old barrels into magnificent oversized planters, which will bring a floral touch and a magical atmosphere to the garden of Château Branda.

We wish to express our deep gratitude to Jean-Marc for his talent and meticulous work. Thanks to his craftsmanship, these unique planters add a new dimension to our outdoor space, blending perfectly with the surrounding beauty.

All that’s left is to adorn them with beautiful flowers!