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The Arrival of Spring: The First Grapevine Buds are Emerging !

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What a wonderful time of the year! The signs of spring are becoming more and more evident, and nature is slowly awakening from its long winter slumber. And guess what? The first grapevine buds are finally here!

The team at Vignobles Lamont has joyfully observed these little buds timidly or confidently poking their heads out. It’s a magnificent sight that heralds the beginning of a new growth cycle for our vines.

These buds are a clear indication that the grapevine is emerging from its winter dormancy and preparing to produce new leaves, new clusters, and perhaps even delicious grapes. For us, as winemakers, it’s a crucial moment, as these buds will shape the prospects of the upcoming harvest.

As a passionate team, we are always amazed by the beauty of nature and the life cycle of the grapevine. It’s an extraordinary plant that requires care, attention, and patience, but generously rewards us with tasty and high-quality fruits.

Don’t hesitate to share with us your own observations and impressions of spring’s arrival in the vineyards. We are always eager to exchange with fellow enthusiasts!

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