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Come celebrate White Wine Day with us at Vignobles Lamont!

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Dear white wine enthusiasts, today is a special day where we honor the magic and diversity of white wine in our vineyards!

At Vignobles Lamont, we pay special attention to cultivating unique grape varieties that give rise to a wide range of white wines, each with its own personality:

🏰 Château L’Enclos: Our vines, caressed by the sun, produce remarkably elegant dry white wines. Each bottle reflects the subtlety of our terroir, with fresh flavors and delicate aromas.

🌳 Château La Forêt Noire: Discover our dry white wines, a true expression of the power of our preserved terroir. Each sip tells the story of our passion for the vine and our commitment to nature.

🍇 Château Laurette: Epicureans will be delighted by our luscious wines, true enchantments. Carefully selected grapes give life to exquisite sweet wines, offering captivating aromas and incomparable smoothness.

We are proud to offer you a variety of white wines, with each bottle being the result of passionate work and exceptional craftsmanship. At Vignobles Lamont, our love for the vine and wine is at the heart of everything we do.

On this dedicated day for white wine, let’s raise our glasses to the diversity and beauty of this wonderful nectar. Cheers to all!