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Vignobles Lamont Celebrate International Dog Day!

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Today, we pay tribute to our faithful canine companions who share every moment with us in the vineyards of our estates. Our dogs are much more than mere presences; they truly are a part of our teams.

They are there, from the early morning as the sun rises over the vineyards, diligently watching over our precious terroir. During harvests, their paws dig into the soil, transmitting their contagious enthusiasm and reminding us of the importance of passion in our craft.

Beyond their role as guardians of tradition, they are our sources of joy and comfort in moments of doubt. Their loyal barks seem to bring luck to each harvest, and their warm cuddles warm our hearts in the face of challenges.

Today, we want to express our gratitude to our adorable four-legged friends and their invaluable contribution to our vineyard estates. Thank you to Céline and Lionel with the presence of Rancio and Sigma, Wei-Ting with Béo, and Loïc and his faithful companion Thor for bringing their lovely faces to work every day.