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Discover our secret: why do we use barrels only for certain cuvées at Vignobles Lamont?

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At Vignobles Lamont, each cuvée is a unique story, and our selective use of barrels plays an essential role! Here are a few reasons that make this approach so special:

1️⃣ Elevating terroir expression: We prioritize respecting the terroir and each grape variety. For certain cuvées, we opt for stainless steel tanks to preserve their characteristic freshness and fruitiness, allowing the wine to fully express the features of the original vineyard.

2️⃣ Preserving grape identity: Some grape varieties have exceptional aromatic profiles that flourish without the influence of wood. By using stainless steel tanks, we preserve the distinct identity of these grapes, resulting in fresh and vibrant wines.

3️⃣ Offering exceptional cuvées: Oak barrels bring unique aromatic complexity and structure. By reserving them for select premium cuvées, we create refined and elegant wines that captivate connoisseurs and enthusiasts of exceptional wines.

4️⃣ Experimenting with creativity: Our winemaking team embraces experimentation! By using barrels for specific cuvées, we can play with blends and aromatic profiles, giving rise to innovative and captivating wines.

At Vignobles Lamont, we pour our heart into every decision to offer wines that are unique and memorable. Each cuvée is the result of meticulous work, reflecting our passion for the art of winemaking.