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Ideas for food and wine pairings from the Lamont vineyards to enhance your meals

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Food and wine pairings are a matter of personal preference, and it is always recommended to experiment to find the combinations that please your palate the most.

Do not hesitate to taste different dishes with your wines to find the best match for your taste buds.

Le Rosé


Salads : Light, fresh, and crunchy salads are natural partners for a Bordeaux rosé. Whether it’s a simple green salad, a tomato salad, a grilled vegetable salad, or a seafood salad, the freshness of the rosé wine complements the flavors of the vegetables or fruits and brings a beautiful liveliness to the palate.

Charcuterie : Charcuterie, such as sausages, cured hams, and terrines, are classic accompaniments for a Bordeaux rosé. The fruity and slightly tangy notes of the rosé wine pair well with the richness and salinity of the charcuterie, creating a pleasant balance of flavors.

Fish and seafood : Fish and seafood, whether grilled, sautéed, baked, or in ceviche, can be good choices to accompany Château Branda. The freshness and lightness of the rosé wine pair well with the delicate flavors of the seafood, enhancing their natural taste.

Summer dishes : Summer dishes, such as grilled white meats (chicken, pork), grilled vegetables, light quiches, or pizzas, also pair well. The freshness and lightness of the rosé wine go well with these light dishes, adding a note of freshness to the overall experience.

Mediterranean cuisine : Mediterranean cuisine, with its fresh flavors, aromatic herbs, and grilled vegetables, generally pairs well with a Bordeaux rosé. Dishes such as ratatouille, vegetable skewers, Mediterranean salads, or dishes based on tomatoes and basil are good choices to accompany this rosé.

White wine

Seafood : Oysters, mussels, scallops, and other seafood are classic choices to accompany a dry white wine. The freshness and salinity of the seafood pair well with the lively acidity and citrus aromas of the wine.

Fish : Grilled, poached, or baked fish, such as sea bass, bream, salmon, or sole, are also good choices to accompany a dry white wine. The delicate flesh of the fish pairs well with the freshness and liveliness of the wine.

Poultry : White poultry, such as chicken, turkey, or rabbit, are good choices. Prepared with fresh herbs, light spices, or a lemon-based sauce to complement the aromas of the wine.

Cheeses : Hard or semi-hard cheeses, such as goat cheese, Comté, Gouda, or Gruyère. Their rich and salty flavors can be balanced by the acidity and freshness of the wine.

Vegetarian dishes : Vegetarian dishes based on fresh vegetables, salads, legumes, or quiches are also good choices to accompany a dry white wine. The vegetable flavors pair well with the fresh herb and citrus aromas of the wine.

Red wine

Vegetarian or vegan dishes : Since sulfur-free wines can often have purer and more natural aromas and flavors, vegetarian or vegan dishes featuring vegetables and legumes can pair well with a Bordeaux red without added sulfur. For example, vegetable curry, vegetable tagine, or ratatouille can be good choices as they allow the fruity and spicy notes of the wine to fully express themselves.

Lean meat dishes : Lean meats such as poultry, rabbit, or veal can also pair well with this red wine. Avoid fatty meats or heavy sauces as they can mask the subtleties of the wine. Instead, opt for grilled chicken, herb-roasted veal, or rabbit fillet with vegetables, which will allow the wine to shine.

Dishes with mild spices : Mild spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, or cloves can complement the fruity and spicy notes of this wine. Dishes such as lamb tagine with spices, lamb stew with winter vegetables, or beef stew with spices.

Aged cheeses : Aged cheeses, with their complexity and richness, can pair well. Opt for hard or semi-hard cheeses such as Comté, aged cheddar, aged Gouda, or Parmesan, which can bring salty and umami notes that go well with the wine.


Grilled red meats : Grilled red meats such as steak, filet mignon, or grilled lamb are classic choices to accompany a 2020 Médoc AOC red. The fruity, spicy notes, and well-integrated tannins of the wine can pair with the rich and juicy flavors of the meat, creating a delicious pairing.

Game meat : Game meat such as deer, venison, or wild boar can also pair well with this red wine. The characteristics of the wine, with its tannins and complex aromatic notes, can pair with the intense and wild flavors of the game, creating a harmonious pairing.

Bordeaux cuisine dishes : Since the Médoc AOC is located in the Bordeaux region, you can look for dishes from this region to accompany this wine. For example, duck confit, duck breast, or tournedos Rossini (beef fillet with foie gras and red wine sauce) can be good choices as they are emblematic of Bordeaux cuisine and can pair well with the wine.

Aged cheeses : Aged hard or semi-hard cheeses such as Comté, aged Gouda, or Pecorino can pair well with this red wine. The tannic structure of the wine can complement the rich and complex flavors of the aged cheeses, creating a balanced pairing.

Mushroom dishes : Mushroom-based dishes such as wild mushroom sauté, mushroom tart, or mushroom risotto can also pair well. The earthy and savory notes of the mushrooms can pair with the aromatic characteristics of the wine, creating a harmonious pairing.