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The countdown has begun! Intense preparations for the 2023 harvest season are underway!

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This year, we’re taking you behind the scenes of our cellars to reveal the preparations for our 2023 vintage. Despite the challenges that this harvest holds, our determination is stronger than ever. Here’s how we’re getting ready:

đŸ§Œ Step 1: Impeccable Cleanliness Quality wine starts with immaculate tanks! Our teams are engaged in meticulous cleaning to ensure that each tank is ready to welcome our precious grapes. Disinfection is a must to preserve the integrity of flavors and eliminate any unwanted traces.

🚜 Step 2: Meticulous Equipment Check We know that every detail matters during the harvest. That’s why we carefully inspect and prepare all our winemaking equipment, from the smallest tool to the largest press.

📅 Step 3: Strategic Planning Weather can sometimes be unpredictable, but we’re prepared for all possibilities! Our teams create a meticulous schedule while taking into account weather forecasts. Flexible and responsive, we’ll make the most of this vintage.

đŸ· Step 4: Passion and Dedication In the face of challenges, our passion for wine remains unwavering! Every member of our teams is fueled by a deep love for viticulture and winemaking. It’s this fervor that makes all the difference in the quality of our wines.

🍇 Step 5: Excitement at Its Peak! Harvest season is a magical moment where nature and humans come together to create a unique alchemy. Despite the uncertainties, we’re filled with anticipation and emotion as we embark on this new winemaking adventure.

🌟 Step 6: Share This Journey with Us! Be by our side throughout this exciting upcoming period! We invite you to be privileged witnesses of each step, from the vine to the vat, to discover the very essence of our future wines.

Stay tuned to our stories and posts so you don’t miss out on this beautiful adventure!