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What if we gave a second life to our wine packaging?

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You have been offered a box of wines before the holidays, or you want to offer a box of wines and avoid the waste of its packaging?

Vignobles Lamont offers two fun ideas to keep young and old busy this year-end.

Wine boxes are easy to recover and transform. At Vignobles Lamont, our young Étienne was able to create a Christmas village, entirely made of our wine boxes.

With the help of his parents, our young creator had free choice for the decoration of his village. With snow or without snow, tree or not, small or large windows… Let your imagination take over. Thanks to a candle or a light garland hidden behind, the little village will come to life!

Second idea, the corks of the wine bottles.

We can put them in a big pot with a lighted garland and it’s done!

However, it is also possible to use them as decorations.

Indeed, Etienne recovered various corks of the bottles of the Lamont Vineyards consumed over the months by his family. All you need is a little glue and paint to make a beautiful cork tree that will enhance your Christmas decoration.

It is also possible to make a Santa Claus, reindeers, but also a pretty bunch of grapes to share beautiful moments of complicity and creativity with your loved ones.

And you, what are your tips to give a second life to your packaging?