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Winter work in the vineyard

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Crucial step at Château Branda to prepare the vines for the next harvest!

This week, we are in the process of folding and shimming our vines. This manual step is essential to strengthen the vines for future mechanical work and to ensure the sustainability of our crop. Indeed, it consists in attaching the vines to the wire of laths, which makes it possible to guide them in their growth.

After the pruning period, we also proceed to the folding of the rod, which consists in folding the rod on the “rod wire”. Thus the future foliage of the vine to spread out. This technique allows to optimize the leaf surface, which favors a better photosynthesis and a more homogeneous maturation of the grapes.

We are proud to take care of our vines in this traditional and meticulous way, making sure they are healthy for the next harvest.